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Don't we all highly value Pulses? Undeniably Yes, not only due to the taste it provides to the meals but also the treasure of nutrients which one avails by consuming it. Murlidhar Sons is one of those companies which makes available variety of Dal (Pulses), which the customers love and consume throughout the world. Since the date pulses are found, they have been a necessity to everyones' diet and is praised for giving several health benefits. We being a Exporter and Trader strive towards fulfilling the demands of pulses by catering to the domestic and overseas customers.

Gram Dal, Chana Dal, Lobiya, Moong Dal and Masoor Dal are some of the pulses which we procure and further serve the customers of our company throughout the world. Assurance of quality is one of the most significant elements on the basis of which our pulses are widely loved and trusted to be consumed. We make sure that our range is procured from companies which are highly recognized for their quality and produce and process pulses in a sincere manner. Not only we obtain from the best vendors of this industry, but also to reassure quality we check the pulses and refine for any foreign particles.

Why Pulses Are Necessary Addition To A Meal?

Pulses, are not only easy to cook, but its consumption aids one person to stay healthy as it provides all the necessary nutrients a human body needs. Essentially Pulses are a treasure of Protein, Potassium, Fiber, Magnesium, Vitamin B, and several other nutrients. These all minerals and nutritional content are of high importance to a person's health and are supposed to be a vital addition to a diet. Many studies have linked that consuming pulses on a regular basis significantly controls blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol and many other risk factors of cardiometabolic function of body. As consumption of pulses provides with high amount of fiber and protein one can feel full for a longer period of time and prevent over-eating and helpful in losing weight.

Why Choose Us?

The motto of our company is to keep the customers satisfied by catering them with finest Pulses at best available prices. And, striving upon our motto has gained us high recognition in the food industry. Quality is one of the reasons to distinct us from the competition, below we have listed some of the other attributes of our company:-

  • We are financially stable.
  • We maintain a streamline in our supply chain management.
  • We take complete pride in prompt and safe delivery.
  • We are backed by a highly responsible and dedicated team of experts.